Michael Bruce Rosmer


Michael Bruce, as in Wayne, as in Batman, Rosmer, author, magician, traveler, founder of many businesses & renaissance man has spent the last 10 years helping everyone from the top affiliate marketers, ecommerce entrepreneurs, investors, founders, even political leaders take advantage of setting themselves up internationally.

Working with clients from over 50 countries he’s become regarded as one of the foremost world experts in international tax, offshore banking, asset protection and transforming what can be the complicated and challenging world of offshore into life expanding opportunities. He takes a unique holistic values first approach based on the idea of tailoring solutions around the personalized life values of the individual client, then considering all dimensions from residencies and citizenships, banking & payments, team, financing, investing, tax, family, and opportunities to fit a unified life and business strategy to meet those goals.

His root philosophy is one of life maximization and serving as a catalyst in the world to create meaningful positive development.

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Second Citizenships and Residency - Your Escape Plan

  • 4 June, 2022
  • 10:30 - 11:30