Your Co-Host Marc “Morpheus” Goldman

The Red Pill Master of Crypto


Marc “Morpheus” Goldman is a highly skilled serial entrepreneur who has built, run and sold multiple companies over his 27 years in business. He is a trained computer engineer and online marketing expert with 40 years of expertise in technology, software architecture as well as being an expert on human behavior, copywriting and online marketing.


Morpheus began his journey down the rabbit hole into Crypto in 2012 when a customer offered to pay off part of his consulting balance in Bitcoin.


Having been watching Bitcoin from the sidelines since 2009, Morpheus decided to take the plunge and accept 5 BTC as partial payment and the die was cast.


Since then, Morpheus has had an ongoing obsession with everything Cryptocurrency. He spends most of his time teaching and helping others find their freedom by taking the Red Pill of Crypto. Using platforms such as his Telegram Group and Video Podcast both entitled Defund the Matrix (cofounded with his partner David Avocado Wolfe), he invests all his time and energy into evangelizing both CryptoCurrency and Decentralizing your life.


An avowed Anarcho-Capitalist and Libeterian, he is convinced that the decentralization of money (and frankly EVERYTHING else on the planet) is the key to HUMAN FREEDOM as we face a turning of the epoch.

“We either allow central authorities to control every aspect of our lives or we take back our freedoms and become responsible for ourselves and help to shape the future of this planet for generations to come or we prepare to live as little more than serfs begging for a scrap from our totalitarian, corporate-statist overlords.”‘


Morpheus doesnt just talk about becoming decentralized, he lives it (and not just thru technology). He is also all about self-sufficiency and getting back to the land. He lives on a homestead in the Caribbean where he and his wife raise and grow their own food.

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